OSB Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company (OSB JSC) operates in the key areas of satellite and wireless communication, information technology and investment.

The founder’s professional experience in management expertise, responsibility and enthusiasm as well as various co-operations from domestic and international partners, have provided a steady ground for OSB’s future stable development.

Guided by “win-win” strategy, the company always pursues customers, partners’ benefits and considers them the measure of its long-term success. Hence, potential Opportunities (O) are always properly evaluated so as to find appropriate Solutions (S) and goal achieve  success in Business (B).

OSB’s vision is to become a leading, prestigious consultant and provider in term of satellite, wireless communication (OSB SAT&WIRELESS) and information technology (OSB IT), a trustworthy partner for foreign and local investors in Vietnam (OSB INVEST).

Taking opportunities with steady steps and clear strategies, OSB staff is concerted to build and develop OSB to become a Vietnam leading brand name in the future.